How to Migrate Local Databases to Remote Host or Vice Versa Without Dump Files

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For migrating a remote database, you can dump and pipe the whole database from remote server to local server via ssh tunnel without intermediate dump files.[root@test ~]# ssh “mysqldump –routines -u root -p’xxxxxxxx’ chicago_db” | mysql -u root -p’xxxxxxxx’ -D boston_dbVice versa, you can migrate a local database to the remote server.[root@test ~]# mysqldump […]

How to Build SSH Equivalency Between Two Servers

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In this post, we will introduce two kinds of ways to build user’s SSH equivalency. Build SSH Equivalency Manually Build SSH Equivalency by Oracle Scripts Build SSH Equivalency Manually Before 11g, Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) does not setup the passwordless SSH connectivity during the installation time, we have to build the SSH equivalency between nodes […]