Redo Log File

How to Resize Redo Logs in Oracle

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Resize Redo Logs The default size of redo logs during installation is 50MB which is too small for production databases. Of course, you can change the size of redo logs for your needs in DBCA if you know where to make the change. As for the databases that you took over from other DBA, 50MB […]
Archived Log File

How to Determine Archived Log Size

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Archived Log Size Before determining archived log size, you have to know that archived logs are derived (retired) from online redo logs switching. That is, you are not determining archived log size, in fact you are determining online redo log size. But now the question is: How to set a proper and optimal size for […]
Backup and Recovery

When Redo Log Files Are All Missing

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If your redo logs are all missing, then you have to know you will lose some data and no longer to recover it. Now let’s mount the database, I mean you can only startup the database to mount state, and let the control file knows all the situation.SQL> startup mount;ORACLE instance started….Database mounted.Recover the database […]