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TNS_ADMIN, How and Why

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TNS_ADMIN in Oracle Software Registry For those Windows platform which are running Oracle server or client(s), you should know some facts of Oracle important parameters, ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE and TNS_ADMIN are not set as environment variables. That is, you can find them nowhere in Environment Variables editor. In fact, they are registry parameters. You can call […]

How to Execute SQL Statements in One CMD Line

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If your query contains just only one statement, you can do this:C:Usersed>echo select name from v$database; | sqlplus scott/tiger@orclWhen the query is finished, the command will exit sqlplus automatically.If your query contains several statements in a file, you can execute it (e.g. run_check.sql) like the following commands:Method 1: The syntax is supported by sqlplus.C:Usersed>sqlplus sys/password@primdb_scan […]