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How Big a Data File Can Be

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DB Blocks Auto Extend in a Data File
Maximum Size Limit of a Data File According to Oracle Database Physical Database Limits, we can have approximate 222 database blocks for a data file in a smallfile tablespace (default) and 232 database blocks for a data file in a bigfile tablespace. In fact, the exact allowable database blocks in a data file should be […]

You Cannot Resize a DataFile in “ALTER TABLESPACE” Except …

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According to SQL syntax of Oracle database, you can’t resize the data files by using ALTER TABLESPACE except the tablespace was created as BIGFILE, but we know most of tablespaces are created as SMALLFILE. So if you need to resize a normal data file, you’d better to use ALTER DATABASE. SQL> alter database datafile ‘/oracle/oradata/user01.dbf’ […]