How Big a Table Can Be

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Maximum Size Limit of a Table According to Oracle Logical Database Limits, tables can have at most 1000 columns and no limit on rows and space, so theoretically, there’s no space limit on a table. But not so fast, we should consider other factors. Since one ordinary table can only be stored in one tablespace, […]

How Big a Database Can Be

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Create Tablespace in a Database
Maximum Size Limit of a Database After knowing how big a data file can be and how big a tablespace can be in previous posts, we can continue to calculate how big a database can be. According to the physical database limits, we can have at most 65533 data files or 64000 tablespaces in a […]

How Big a Tablespace Can Be

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Add DataFile in a Tablespace
Maximum Size Limit of a Tablespace Basically, at least one data file should be specified in the tablespace creation, thereafter we can add more data files to the tablespace. After knowing how big a data file can be in the previous post, we can continue to calculate how big a tablespace can be. For a […]

How RMAN Restore Database by a Backup Set

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Suppose we have restored the whole OS to the new server including Oracle software and directory structure. Our goal is to restore the database to the target server solely by a backup set for testing purpose. The content of the backup set that we copied from the source server to the target server is listed […]

How to Check Oracle Data Files Healthy

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Two ways that you can verify data files, one is using Oracle utility dbverify, the other is RMAN command.DbverifyWe can use dbv to check specific data file for block healthy.[oracle@localhost ~] dbv feedback=0 blocksize=8192 file=/oracle/oradata/ORCL/USER01.dbf…Page 2760912 is marked corrupt***Corrupt block relative dba: 0x4baa20d0 (file 302, block 2760912)Completely zero block found during dbv:One dbv command can […]
Backup and Recovery

When Database is Not Consistent

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There are several different kinds of situation when you recover a database with inconsistent states among files. In the following, I have to assume that you can mount the database without question.Data files are consistent, but controlfile is advanced.Do you have all required logs? If you have both archived logs and redo logs, then you […]
Data File

How to Resolve ORA-01653 Unable to Extend Table in Tablespace

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ORA-01653 The following two error messages are very similar. As a DBA, you’ll probably meet them someday in the future. ORA-01653 is for table, ORA-01654 is for index. Essentially, they are the same thing: Error:  ORA-01653 Text:   unable to extend table %s.%s by %s in tablespace %s ——————————————————————————- Cause:  Failed to allocate an extent […]