How to Check Oracle Table Size

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Although we have listed the top 10 biggest tables in our Oracle database, we also can check single table size by similar ways. Theoretical Table Size We used NUM_ROWS and AVG_ROW_LEN (in byte) in DBA_TABLES to calculate how many bytes that active rows of the table are used. The result can not be very accurate […]
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Oracle Show Tables in a List

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In this post, we will talk about three different views that can make Oracle show tables within defined scope, they are: Oracle Show Tables that You Own in a List Oracle Show Tables that You Can Use in a List Oracle Show Tables for Whole Database in a List Later on, we will talk about […]

Must Dos after Moving a Table

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Moving a table is actually a reorganization process, The database will copy the original data to the new place. In which, the data will be stored optimally in terms of performance and space. But if you found the performance was degraded on this table after moving, it might be that your indexes have not been […]