What Makes Instance Shutdown Itself

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What makes a running instance shutdown itself could be a very complicated topic to talk about, because we have to know what instance was thinking. What factors to make instance decide to run away from current situation? Was it trying to protect itself from further damage? In my cases, those causes seem to point to […]

How to Find Top IO on Data Files

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In my case, I was planning to move some hot data files to a new mount point with SSD disks underneath, so I have to know what data files are really hot in terms of current disk IO.Here I take advantage of Statspack’s data to retrieve valuable information of IO on data files.# sqlplus “/ […]

How to Monitor Disk IO on AIX

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For monitoring specific disk (e.g. disk24), you can just use iostat to report the activities every 10 seconds.# iostat -d disk24 10…Disks:        % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtndisk24          74.1     113663.9     234.8    1137776         0disk24 […]