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How to Duplicate a 19c Physical Standby Database

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You don’t have to create an empty database on the standby server for building a standby database. In this post, I will show you how to duplicate a 19c physical standby database from scratch by the following sections. Password File File Management Mode Parameter File Necessary Directories Name Resolution Connect Identifiers Listeners Force Logging RMAN […]

How to Move Oracle Database

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Actually, this topic “How to Move Oracle Database” follows my previous post: How to Move ORACLE HOME. But I think it can be used in any moving operations. Generally speaking, this post will include the following subtle topics: How to move spfile How to move control files How to move database files How to move […]
Oracle Home


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Allow me to ask you a question before going further: why would you like to move ORACLE HOME to another place? You may leave your comment below this post, I am curious about it. As for me, it’s because my client like old-fashioned file structure and don’t like Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) to be used, […]
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How to Auto Start Oracle Database on Linux

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For Solaris OS, you should check this post: How to Auto Start Oracle Database on Solaris. By default, Oracle software installation does not deploy automatic startup and shutdown init scripts on the platform, you have to create them by yourself. Here I introduce my scripts for you to use or modify with. oratab in Linux […]