How to Fix Garbled Filename and Text

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There’re several ways to display your garbled filename correctly. LANG Environment Variable PuTTY Character Set Rename Badly Encoded Filename A. LANG Environment Variable Tried to list a file which name is made by a multi-byte language like this. [root@test ~]# ll total 8 -rw-r–r–  1 root root  217 Oct 17 00:39 ▒?▒▒?▒▒?▒.txt … This is […]
Shell Script

How to Cat a File Content by iNode

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Symptoms At times, we may see some garbled filenames or even worse, empty or white-spaced names like this: [root@test ~]# ls -lai total 48 402653349 -rw-r–r–   1 root root  174 Oct 17 17:31 402653313 dr-xr-x—.  3 root root 4096 Oct 17 17:36 .       128 dr-xr-xr-x. 18 root root 4096 Oct 17 17:27 […]
Alert Log File

Where is Oracle Alert Log Location

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Finding Oracle Alert Log Location
The Default Oracle Alert Log Location Oracle alert log location may not be easily found, but it’s usually at 3 possible locations: For 11g and Above $ORACLE_BASE/diag/rdbms/<dbname_in_lower_case>/$ORACLE_SID/trace/ As we can notice, Oracle software divides alert logs to their own dedicated directories according to their database names, which is based on directory structure of diagnostic repository. […]
Listener Log

Where is Oracle Listener Log Location

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The Default Location of Oracle Listener Log If you have read Where to Find Oracle Alert Log Location, you may have some clues to find the right listener.log. But there’re some differences between them. For 11g and above The default location of listener log for 11g or above can be found at: [oracle@ora11g ~]$ ll […]

How to Remove No-Name or Empty-Name Files

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After you finish your shell scripting, you’d like to try your scripts to see the result in your test environment. In the debug phase, you will generate a lot of echo message to see where’s problems, and maybe you will get some unrecognized files, like this: $ ls -il total 5     709233 -rw-r–r– […]