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How to Set Export Import Character Set

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Garbled Text Garbled data was found after importing a normal dump file. After doing some inspections, I found there’s NLS_LANG environment variable for user oracle in the source database server, but no NLS_LANG in the target server. Default Character Set of Sessions Since there’s no NLS_LANG to set NLS parameters at session-level, the import session […]

How to Change Database Character Set

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Assuming that you have exported all the data to dump file for further process. Please shutdown the database.SQL> column parameter format a25;SQL> column value format a25;SQL> select parameter, value from v$nls_parameters where parameter like ‘%CHARACTERSET%’;PARAMETER                 VALUE————————- ————————-NLS_CHARACTERSET          ZHT16MSWIN950NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET    AL16UTF16SQL> shutdown immediate;Database closed.Database […]