How to Build 18c RAC – 1 of 4 – Preparing Two Database Servers

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Network Design for RAC Let’s see the network design of our cluster database. [root@primary01 ~]# vi /etc/hosts # Public primary01 primary02 # Private primary01-priv primary02-priv # VIP primary01-vip primary02-vip # SCAN # primary-cluster-scan # primary-cluster-scan # primary-cluster-scan […]

What Should be Changed after Cloning a VM

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You may know that you should change hostname and change NIC configurations after cloning a VM, but you may not know there could be iscsi initiator conflicts among VMs.Mostly, virtualization softwares will take care MAC addresses during cloning, but they may not take care the initiator name. Therefore, we should also change the initiator name.Assuming […]