How to Create a ACFS File System on 18c

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Create ACFS File System First of all, make sure everything is ready on grid-level. [root@primary01 ~]# su – grid [grid@primary01 ~]$ crsctl check crs [grid@primary01 ~]$ crsctl status resource -t Create a Volume In this case, We allocate 80GB for the new volume ORADATA1 from a ASM disk group, DATA. [grid@primary01 ~]$ asmcmd volcreate -G […]

How to Mount an Uploaded ISO file in Linux

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If you were limited to access /dev/cdrom, you can still utilize the content of an ISO by uploading and mounting it. The syntax is as the following:mount -o ro,loop <source_path> <target_path>For example, we can mount an uploaded ISO file as a media like this:[root@ovmm ~]# mount -o ro,loop /tmp/ovmm-3.4.2-installer-OracleLinux-b1384.iso /media[root@ovmm ~]# ll /mediatotal 157557drwxr-xr-x. 7 […]