How to Resolve ORA-01861: literal does not match format string

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ORA-01861 ORA-01861 means that different format between two operands can not be compared. In this post, you will see some error patterns and their respective solutions. The following statement looks like no problem. SQL> conn hr/hr Connected. SQL> set heading off; SQL> select count(*) || ‘ Persons’ from employees where hire_date > ‘2008-03-01’; select count(*) […]
Original Export / Import

How to Set Export Import Character Set

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Garbled Text Garbled data was found after importing a normal dump file. After doing some inspections, I found there’s NLS_LANG environment variable for user oracle in the source database server, but no NLS_LANG in the target server. Default Character Set of Sessions Since there’s no NLS_LANG to set NLS parameters at session-level, the import session […]