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How to Duplicate a 19c Physical Standby Database

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You don’t have to create an empty database on the standby server for building a standby database. In this post, I will show you how to duplicate a 19c physical standby database from scratch by the following sections. Password File File Management Mode Parameter File Necessary Directories Name Resolution Connect Identifiers Listeners Force Logging RMAN […]

How to Restore 12c RAC Database by a Backup Set

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For 10g RAC database restoration, you may check: How to Restore 10g RAC Database by a Backup Set. Suppose we have restored 12c clusterware back. Now we can start to restore 12c cluster database. Our goal in this post is to use a backup set on one of RAC nodes to restore the database. First […]

How to Resolve SPFILE in DB_UNKNOWN

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SPFILE in DB_UNKNOWN When I tried to restore SPFILE to the default location at nomount state, I found that SPFILE was restored to a DB_UNKNOWN in ASM. Is it a bug dedicated to Oracle 10g RAC (Bug 5370663)? No, I saw it too in 12c R1 RAC restoration. Let’s reproduce the problem. First, check what […]