Oracle Home


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Allow me to ask you a question before going further: why would you like to move ORACLE HOME to another place? You may leave your comment below this post, I am curious about it. As for me, it’s because my client like old-fashioned file structure and don’t like Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) to be used, […]

How to Add Static Service Registered in Listener

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Static Service Registration Dynamic service is a representative which is registered with the listener when the instance is up and running on the server, whereas static service can be used to service external connections with or without a running instance on the server. According to Oracle 18c Advanced Features of Oracle Net Services, the use […]

How to Know Everything about an Unfamiliar Database

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In an unfamiliar environment, if there’s only oracle or grid account is available for DBA to use, how can he to know everything about the database in a short time?StandaloneFor a standalone, you can do this:Oracle Home[oracle@test ~]$ echo $ORACLE_HOME/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0Oracle SID (Instance Name)[oracle@test ~]$ echo $ORACLE_SIDORCLIf there’s no $ORACLE_SID, you may check smon, the background process […]

What Symbols are Used in Oracle Database

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Several symbols that are used in Oracle might represent different meanings in different place. Question mark ? ORACLE_HOME ? (a Question Mark) in a path string, it represents the environmental variable of ORACLE HOME. It’s usually $ORACLE_HOME in UNIX or Linux, %ORACLE_HOME% in Windows. SQL> alter tablespace temp add datafile ‘?/dbs/temp02.dbf’ size 200M; You may […]