User and Schema


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Oracle SQL provides end_session_clauses syntax to terminate sessions:ALTER SYSTEM { DISCONNECT SESSION ‘integer1, integer2’ [ POST_TRANSACTION ] | KILL SESSION ‘integer1, integer2 [,@integer3]’ } [ IMMEDIATE | NOREPLAY ]In which, two type of sub-clauses can do this job but with subtle differences. Let’s see how Oracle defines these clauses: – KILL SESSION by OracleThe KILL […]

How to Resolve ORA-12560 on Windows Server

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I have two error patterns on ORA-12560, one is related to ORACLE_SID problem, the other is related to the limitation of PROCESSES. ORA-12560 due to Incorrect ORACLE_SID First of all, allow me reproduce the error ORA-12560 for you. Check the instance name and current status. C:\Users\Administrator>sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Thu […]
Data Guard

How to Resolve ORA-16055: FAL request rejected

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In Oracle MAA, data guard plays a very important role to secure our data on the remote location. Since it involves network and interconnection between two databases, it is pretty complicated to do troubleshooting. That’s why you might see ORA-16055: FAL request rejected at times. The network problem could include host, router, firewall, LAN, VPN, […]

How to Restart Dead Dispatchers Manually

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Theoretically, PMON will clean up dead process automatically, but it sometimes fails to do it in 9i databases like the error message in the alert log:…Thu Mar  3 14:12:50 2011Errors in file /oracle/admin/ORCL/udump/orcl_ora_15969.trc:ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kjpcre2], [], [], [], [], [], [], []Thu Mar  3 14:12:50 2011Errors in file /oracle/admin/ORCL/udump/orcl_ora_15969.trc:ORA-00603: ORACLE server session […]

How to Set Autocommit ON

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Implicit Commit In the default behavior, if session A wants to see session B’s results, he must be waiting for session B to commit his transaction explicitly or an implicit commit is triggered. Implicit commits will happened under normal session terminations: Gracefully exit. To exit a program will notify database to disconnect from this session […]