How to Build 18c RAC – 1 of 4 – Preparing Two Database Servers

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Network Design for RAC Let’s see the network design of our cluster database. [root@primary01 ~]# vi /etc/hosts # Public primary01 primary02 # Private primary01-priv primary02-priv # VIP primary01-vip primary02-vip # SCAN # primary-cluster-scan # primary-cluster-scan # primary-cluster-scan […]

How to Change Subnet of Grid

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Oracle 12c uses 4 types of IP addresses to configure network of RAC:Public IPPrivate IPVirtual IPSCAN IPIn which, Public IP, Virtual IP and SCAN IP are in the same subnet. Up to 4 pairs of Private IP can be set in RAC, which should be in another subnet and used for interconnect redundancy to secure […]