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How to Auto Start Oracle Database on Solaris

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For Linux Os, you should check this post: How to Auto Start Oracle Database on Linux. Assuming that you already have some knowledge about how to start Oracle database manually and Oracle provided shell script dbstart, then we can keep going to design and deploy our automatic startup scripts. By default, Oracle software installation does […]

How to Monitor Disk IO on AIX

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For monitoring specific disk (e.g. disk24), you can just use iostat to report the activities every 10 seconds.# iostat -d disk24 10…Disks:        % tm_act     Kbps      tps    Kb_read   Kb_wrtndisk24          74.1     113663.9     234.8    1137776         0disk24 […]

The Size Limit for Legacy Tar to Accomodate

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A quote from wikipedia:Numeric values are encoded in octal numbers using ASCII digits, with leading zeroes. For historical reasons, a final NUL or space character should also be used. Thus although there are 12 bytes reserved for storing the file size, only 11 octal digits can be stored. This gives a maximum file size of […]