How to Enable Remote SSH Logon for Root

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SSH is disabled for root to connect from other clients on Solaris OS by default. Therefore, we need to enable it by ourselves. Here is the procedure. Permit root remote logon root@solaris11vm:~# vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config…#PermitRootLogin noPermitRootLogin yes Change the type of root to normal root@solaris11vm:~# vi /etc/user_attr…root::::type=normal Restart ssh service root@solaris11vm:~# svcadm restart ssh It works […]

How to Migrate Local Databases to Remote Host or Vice Versa Without Dump Files

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For migrating a remote database, you can dump and pipe the whole database from remote server to local server via ssh tunnel without intermediate dump files.[root@test ~]# ssh “mysqldump –routines -u root -p’xxxxxxxx’ chicago_db” | mysql -u root -p’xxxxxxxx’ -D boston_dbVice versa, you can migrate a local database to the remote server.[root@test ~]# mysqldump […]

How to Dump a Remote Database over SSH in Windows

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First of all, you have to ensure that SSH command utility has been installed, because Windows does not provide it by default.C:Usersed>ssh’ssh’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,operable program or batch file.But, you can download and install OpenSSH for Windows from SourceForge like mine.After you installed OpenSSH in Windows, you can test […]