Startup and Shutdown

How to Start Oracle Database

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Start Oracle Database To start Oracle database, you have to know what database you want to start. This includes at least two things, where Oracle home is and what Oracle SID is. For remote database startup, you additionally need to know where the server is. The startup can be manual or automatic, it depends on […]

How to Restore 10g RAC Database by a Backup Set

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For 12c RAC database restoration, you may check: How to Restore 12c RAC Database by a Backup Set. Suppose we have recovered 10g CRS and ASM from a fatal crash, but the database is still waiting for our saving. Luckily, we have a backup set of the database, which is a full and consistent database […]

How RMAN Restore Database by a Backup Set

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Suppose we have restored the whole OS to the new server including Oracle software and directory structure. Our goal is to restore the database to the target server solely by a backup set for testing purpose. The content of the backup set that we copied from the source server to the target server is listed […]