Startup and Shutdown

How to Start Oracle Database

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Start Oracle Database To start Oracle database, you have to know what database you want to start. This includes at least two things, where Oracle home is and what Oracle SID is. For remote database startup, you additionally need to know where the server is. The startup can be manual or automatic, it depends on […]
Control File

How to Change Control File Location

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Change Control File Location Here are the steps to change the location of control file: Stop Database Service Copy Control File to New Location Create PFILE from Current SPFILE Modify Control File Location in PFILE Restore SPFILE from Modified PFILE Startup NOMOUNT to Check New Setting Open Database If you’d like to move SPFILE as […]

How to Move Oracle Database

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Actually, this topic “How to Move Oracle Database” follows my previous post: How to Move ORACLE HOME. But I think it can be used in any moving operations. Generally speaking, this post will include the following subtle topics: How to move spfile How to move control files How to move database files How to move […]