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How to Connect Without TNSNAMES

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Connect No TNSNAMES Yes, sometimes we are not allowable to change tnsnames.ora, even a tiny bit. How can we connect to new or moved databases? In this post, I provided some ways to connect to databases without touching the original tnsnames.ora. Use Full Connect Descriptor Use Your Own tnsnames.ora Use Easy Connect Method 1. Use […]
Data Guard

Connect-Time Failover to Standby Database

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We’re going to introduce 3 ways that can failover to a standby database at connect-time in this post. Using a Persistent Service Name Using a Dynamic Service Name Using a SRVCTL Configured Service Using a Persistent Service Name Connect-Time Failover is a feature of local naming method, and can be easily set up by adding […]

How to Resolve TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

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TNS-03505 Failing to resolve TNS names could involve any one of the network configuration files, such as tnsnames.ora or sqlnet.ora. There’re several possible causes may throw TNS-03505: Absent Local Naming Method Missing tnsnames.ora File Connect Identifier Mismatch Searching for Wrong Domain 1. TNS-03505 due to Absent Local Naming Method There’re several naming methods supported by […]
Data Pump

How to expdp AS SYSDBA

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expdp AS SYSDBA Normally, we use system to migrate data from one to another, who has pretty enough privileges for all kinds of manipulation at content-level. Whereas SYSDBA is the highest privilege which usually does maintenance and critical jobs like STARTUP or SHUTDOWN. Whenever we are using to connect to the database with SYSDBA privilege, […]