How to Restore 10g RAC Database by a Backup Set

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For 12c RAC database restoration, you may check: How to Restore 12c RAC Database by a Backup Set. Suppose we have recovered 10g CRS and ASM from a fatal crash, but the database is still waiting for our saving. Luckily, we have a backup set of the database, which is a full and consistent database […]

How to Backup Clusterware OCR and Voting Disk

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In this post, I will introduce some ways to backup Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) data and voting disk in case of losing all configuration. Backup OCR Data 1. OCR Dumps Oracle provides an utility ocrconfig to export OCR data to a dump file like this: [root@primary01 ~]# . /home/oracle/.bash_profile [root@primary01 ~]# cd /backup/ [root@primary01 backup]# […]