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How to Resolve “Connected to an idle instance” on Windows

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Connected to an idle instance Let’s check oracle database services on Windows server. It appeared that all oracle services are running on this Windows server. Let’s try to connect to the database locally: C:\Users\Administrator>sqlplus / as sysdba SQL*Plus: Release Production on Wed Oct 30 00:55:22 2019 Copyright (c) 1982, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved. […]

How to Open Port on Windows Server

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After our Oracle database 12.2 has been created on Windows server, we should open port 1521 on firewall for incoming connections. For Linux, you can refer to : How to Open Ports and Survives from Reboots Use ⊞ Win + F to search for “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security”, then click it. In “Inbound Rules”, […]

How to Check Disk Free Space Command Prompt in Windows

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Whenever you’d like to check disk free space by command prompt in Windows, you can use examples as below: Print datetime C:\Users\edchen>echo Check Time: %date% %time% Check Time: Fri 03/30/2018 18:47:10.73 Check Disk Free Space Command Prompt C:\Users\edchen>fsutil volume diskfree c: Total # of free bytes : 205131612160 Total # of bytes : 257139486720 Total […]

The Default Location of SPFILE and PFILE for Linux and Windows

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Here is a quick glance at the default locations of SPFILE and PFILE in different platforms. For instance, Linux and Windows. For Linux/Unix SPFILE <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/spfile<ORACLE_SID>.ora PFILE <ORACLE_HOME>/dbs/init<ORACLE_SID>.ora For Windows Please note that, for Windows, directory name and filename are case-insensitive. SPFILE <ORACLE_HOME>\database\spfile<ORACLE_SID>.ora PFILE <ORACLE_BASE>\admin\<ORACLE_SID>\pfile\init.ora.<n> There’s no typos in the above path. The default location of […]
Oracle Client

TNS_ADMIN, How and Why

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TNS_ADMIN in Oracle Software Registry For those Windows platform which are running Oracle server or client(s), you should know some facts of Oracle important parameters, ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_BASE and TNS_ADMIN are not set as environment variables. That is, you can find them nowhere in Environment Variables editor. In fact, they are registry parameters. You can call […]

How to Allow Remote Desktop Connections on Windows

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Before enabling remote desktop service, please make sure you are a member of Administrators group. The way how to check account information can be followed in the post:How to Show Account Information on Windows in Command LineNow, let’s see how we allow remote desktop connections on Windows.Press ⊞ Win + r to open a Run Dialog.Open […]