Cloud Control 12c (1/5) - Installation on Windows Server

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Before installing Cloud Control 12c, I assume that you have installed a repository dedicated for Cloud Control 12c in a Windows Server 64-bit. Here are the installation steps.
  1. Download and unzip Cloud Control 12c for Windows.
  2. These files are as follows.
  3. Click setup.exe to start to install.

  4. You don't have to provide MOS credentials in this moment.
  5. Skip the update.

  6. Create a new Enterprise Management System.

  7. Provide locations of middleware and agent in this server.

  8. Provide credentials and connection information of the repository for Cloud Control.

  9. Stop the autotask of the repository.

  10. Summary before installation part 1.

  11. Summary before installation part 2.

  12. Installation proceeds.

  13. Finish the installation.

Cloud Control 12c (2/5) - Setup and Download Software

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