Cloud Control 12c (2/5) - Setup and Download Software

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Cloud Control 12c (1/5) - Installation on Windows Server
After installing Cloud Control (CC), we can setup and download agent software for adding hosts. Here are the steps:
  1. Login into the cloud control.

  2. In this case, our could control entry is
  3. Agree to the licence.

  4. Before download softwares, you must setup the location of software library and MOS credentials.
  5. Find Setup > Provisioning and Patching > Software Library, then click.

  6. CC indicates that there is no location configured. Click [+Add].

  7. Provide a location for software library. Click [OK].

  8. CC shows the newly added location.

  9. Find Setup > My Oracle Support > Set Credentials..., then click.

  10. Provide your MOS credentials, the click [Apply].

  11. Find Setup > Extensibility > Self Update, then click.

  12. All types of software are shown, but their status are not current.

  13. Click [Check Updates] to renew the status.

  14. CC shows that the job is submitted. Click [OK].

  15. Now, the status is current. And we click "Agent Software".

  16. There are many kinds of agent software available to update. We choose "Linux x86-64" to download and click [Download].

  17. CC will guide you to submit a job to download. We choose to download it immediately.

  18. CC shows that the job is submitted. Click [OK].

  19. Download in progress.

  20. The software is downloaded, then we click [Apply].

  21. CC indicates that it will store the software in the library. Click [OK].

  22. CC shows that the job is submitted. Click [OK].

  23. The apply job is scheduled.
  24. Finally, the software is applied.

Cloud Control 12c (3/5) - Adding Hosts

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