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Cloud Control 12c (4/5) - Adding a Cluster

Cloud Control 12c (3/5) - Adding Hosts
Before adding a cluster, you must ensure the hosts have been added in CC. Here are the steps:
  1. Go to Add Target Manually page, then choose the second option and Target Types, please choose "Oracle Cluster and High Availability Service", then click [Add...] button.
  2. Specify the host and then click [Continue].
  3. Additionally select primary02 as Selected Hosts, then click [Add].
  4. Adding cluster is in progress.
  5. Adding cluster is done. Click [OK].
  6. Find Target > All Targets.
  7. After listing all types of targets. Click Oracle High Availability Service to filter the list.
  8. Both Oracle High Availability Services are listed.
  9. Cluster is listed.
  10. Both listeners are listed.
Cloud Control 12c (5/5) - Adding Databases

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