How to Install Aptana Plug-in on Eclipse

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If you are specialized in both Java and PHP programming, you might want an integrated IDE to program both Java and PHP project. Here I introduce a formal way to make this happen by installing Aptana plug-in on Eclipse for J2EE 4.4.
  1. Add Aptana update site to Eclipse.
  2. Properties - Eclipse
    Add an update site for Aptana software.
    Update sites management - Eclipse
    Fill a name for this site and paste the following URL to the second field, then click OK.
    Add an update site dialog - Eclipse

    After adding an update site - Eclipse

  3. Install Aptana plug-in via Eclipse.
  4. Install New Software - Eclipse
    Paste the following URL to the first field, check the only item in the list, then click OK.
    Indicating URL for installing new software - Eclipse
    Confirm page before installing new software - Eclipse
    License agreement before installing new software - Eclipse
    Installing in progress - Eclipse
    Confirmation dialog before restart Eclipse
  5. Compare New Project Wizard between before and after Aptana installation.
  6. Before Aptana plug-in installed.
    You can see there's no PHP project can be selected.
    "New Project Wizard" before Aptana plug-in installed - Eclipse
    After Aptana plug-in installed.
    You can see that we have PHP, Rails, and Ruby, etc projects available to use in New Project Wizard.
    "New Project Wizard" after Aptana plug-in installed - Eclipse
More information about Aptana plug-in, please refer to the page:
Aptana | Download

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