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How to Install Oracle Database 12.1 Standalone on CentOS 6.5 Minimal (0/5) - An Overview

Installing Oracle database 12.1 standalone is very similar with 11g, but this time we choose the Minimal edition as our platform. So there's a slightly different. We need to install not only Oracle required packages, but also the packages required by the Minimal edition.

X Window System is not a native group to Minimal edition, so we have to install X before installing Oracle in graphic mode.

In this series of tutorial, I try to categorize scattered steps of installation process into 5 major steps, you can click them for more details:
  1. Install Required Linux Packages
  2. Prepare Oracle Groups, Accounts and Directories
  3. Download and Unzip 12c Software by oracle
  4. Install Oracle Database 12c Software
  5. Postinstallation and Verification

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