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How to Resolve DBT-06006: Unable to create directory

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Saw error DBT-06006 when we tried to create a database by Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

[FATAL] [DBT-06006] Unable to create directory: (/oradata/ORCLCDB/).
   CAUSE: Proper permissions are not granted to create the directory or there is no space left in the volume.

DBT-06006 means that the subdirectory you want to use for a database cannot be create at this moment, it could be a permission problem or the root directory does not exist.

In this case, we haven't created the root direcectory /oradata, so oracle was unable to create the subdirectory /oradata/ORCLCDB/ for this database to put data files.

To solve DBT-06006, we should make the directory /oradata before creating the database.

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