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How to Resolve IMP-00401 Error Message

IMP-00401: dump file may be an Data Pump export dump file

When I use original import utility to import data from a dump file, I got IMP-00401.

[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ imp \"/ as sysdba \" fromuser=erpapp rows=n indexes=y constraints=y grants=y ignore=n file=/oradata/dumps/exp_erpapp.dmp log=/oradata/dumps/exp_erpapp.log
IMP-00401: dump file "/oradata/dumps/exp_erpapp.dmp" may be an Data Pump export dump file
IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

IMP-00401 means that you mistakenly use the original imp utility to import a dump file which is generated by data pump expdp. It's not allowable.


The solution is obvious, just use data pump impdp utility to import the dump file. For example:

[oracle@primary01 oracle]$ impdp \"/ as sysdba \" schemas=erpapp content=metadata_only directory=DATA_PUMP_DIR dumpfile=exp_erpapp.dmp logfile=exp_erpapp.log

For dump files generated by the original exp, you can't use data pump utility impdp to import the file.

That is to say, the dump files generated by original export and data pump are not interchangeable, you have to use the correct way to do it.

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