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How to Resolve ORA-14451: unsupported feature with temporary table

Temporary Tables

Temporary tables are useful to developers who wants to stage some temporary data, but there're restrictions on them. Let's see an example.

SQL> alter table "ERPAPP"."PAY_SEG_BILL_TMP" logging;
alter table "ERPAPP"."PAY_SEG_BILL_TMP" logging
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-14451: unsupported feature with temporary table


It turns out that we can't enable logging attribute on a temporary table and failed with ORA-14451. In fact, we cannot specify the following clauses on a temporary table:

  • LOB_storage_clause
  • storage_clause
  • logging_clause

There're more restrictions on using temporary tables. If you need those features above to be supported on your table, please use a normal table.

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