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How to Resolve ORA-16606: unable to find property

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Tried to show the property value of a database in data guard broker, but it failed with ORA-16606.

DGMGRL> show database ORCLSTB LogApplyStatus
Error: ORA-16606: unable to find property "logapplystatus"

ORA-16606 means that the property name you specified in the command is not valid. You should check the syntax or provide a valid one.

There're two error patterns of ORA-16606 in this post.

Non-existing Property

The first error type is that you provided a non-existing property. In the above command, there's no such LogApplyStatus property in data guard broker valid properties.

The following property StaticServiceName is invalid, too.

DGMGRL> show database ORCLSTB StaticServiceName
Error: ORA-16606: unable to find property "staticservicename"

Syntax Error

The second error type of ORA-16606 is syntax error. For example:

DGMGRL> show database ORCLSTB verbose
Error: ORA-16606: unable to find property "verbose"

To show database verbosely, we should put the database name to the last position.

DGMGRL> show database verbose ORCLSTB

Database - ORCLSTB

  Role:               PHYSICAL STANDBY
  Intended State:     APPLY-ON
  Transport Lag:      0 seconds (computed 1 second ago)
  Apply Lag:          0 seconds (computed 1 second ago)
  Average Apply Rate: 106.00 KByte/s
  Active Apply Rate:  951.00 KByte/s
  Maximum Apply Rate: 179.05 MByte/s
  Real Time Query:    OFF
    ORCLSTB1 (apply instance)


We corrected the syntax.

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