How to Resolve ORA-65011 Error Message

ORA-65011: Pluggable database does not exist

Tried to open a pluggable database (PDB), but it failed with ORA-65011.

SQL> alter pluggable database ORCLPDB1 open;
alter pluggable database ORCLPDB1 open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-65011: Pluggable database ORCLPDB1 does not exist.

ORA-65011 means that the PDB you specified does not exist in container database (CDB). You should make sure both CDB and PDB are correct.

Let's check which CDB we're currently in.

SQL> show con_name

SQL> select name from v$database;


I guess you may either

  1. go for the wrong container or
  2. misspell the PDB name.

Solutions to ORA-65011

So the solution is obvious, you can get into the right container or use correct the PDB name to solve ORA-65011.

1. Right CDB

Chances are, you may go for the wrong CDB, the root container may not be the right one. You should go for the right CDB.

If you're in the database server, you can do this.

[oracle@test ~]$ export ORACLE_SID=ORA19C2
[oracle@test ~]$ echo $ORACLE_SID
[oracle@test ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba

If you're using tool to connect the database, you should connect with the right CDB again.

C:\Users\edchen>sqlplus sys@ORA19C2 as sysdba

Then do the open statement again.

2. Right PDB

Possibly, you misspelled the PDB name or it has been dropped. let's list all PDB in this CDB.

SQL> show pdbs;

    CON_ID CON_NAME                       OPEN MODE  RESTRICTED
---------- ------------------------------ ---------- ----------
         2 PDB$SEED                       READ ONLY  NO
         3 ORCLPDBX                       MOUNTED

Eventually, the PDB name is different from the one we thought. We should use the right PDB name to open with.

SQL> alter pluggable database ORCLPDBX open;

Pluggable database altered.

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