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How to Resolve ORA-65094: invalid local user or role name


Tried to create a common user in the root container (CDB), but it failed with ORA-65094.

SQL> show con_name

SQL> create user c##hr container=current;
create user c##hr container=current
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-65094: invalid local user or role name

ORA-65094 means that the common user cannot be created with CONTAINER=CURRENT, it violates the creation of a common user in root container.


You have two options, you can skip CONTAINER clause or set ALL to it.

1. Skip CONTAINER Clause

If CONTAINER Clause is ignored in the statement, Oracle will use the default scope, which is, CONTAINER=ALL.

SQL> create user c##hr;

User created.


You can also explicitly declare CONTAINER=ALL in the statement.

SQL> create user c##hr container=all;

User created.

ORA-65094 is solved.

To able to create a local user in the root container, you may refer to: Hidden Parameter _ORACLE_SCRIPT Issue.

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