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Routine Backup Strategies (4/5) - Balanced Incremental Backups

Routine Backup Strategies (3/5) - Incremental 0+1 cumulative Backups
In this strategy, we schedule an incremental level 0 backup on Sunday night, an incremental level 1 cumulative backup on Wednesday night, and incremental level 1 differential on the other week night. It's truly an enhanced version of previous two strategies.

For more clearly demonstrate the strategy, I list the backup mode with the day of week below:
  • Sunday: Incremental level 0 backup, it's a full backup.
  • Monday: Incremental level 1 differential backup.
  • Tuesday: Incremental level 1 differential backup.
  • Wednesday: Incremental level 1 cumulative backup.
  • Thursday: Incremental level 1 differential backup.
  • Friday: Incremental level 1 differential backup.
  • Saturday: Incremental level 1 differential backup.
This strategy is try to balance the cost of backup and recovery by executing a cumulative backup on Wednesday night instead. The time consumed in backup can be shorter than previous strategies 1/5 and 3/5. And the time consumed in recovery can be shorter than strategy 2/5 in the same database.

Here are the scripts we use:

Modify the shell script. The script is able to execute the right RMAN script according to the weekday.
[oracle@primary01 rman_scripts]$ vi

. /home/oracle/.bash_profile

if [ `date +%u` = 7 ] ;
elif [ `date +%u` = 3 ] ;

rman target / @$EXEC_FILE >> $WORK_DIR/backup_log_`date +%Y%m%d`.log

Routine Backup Strategies (5/5) - Incremental Image Copies

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