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Building a Physical Standby Database (06/14) - Prepare standby controlfile on primary database

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You cannot copy a control from the primary database directly, it does not work, you can only generate a controlfile dedicated for a standby database from a primary database.

Three methods can get the file.
  1. Generate manually.
  2. [oracle@primary01 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
    SQL> alter database create standby controlfile as '/tmp/standby.ctl';

    Database altered.

  3. Generate by RMAN.
  4. [oracle@primary01 ~]$ rman /
    RMAN> copy current controlfile for standby to '/tmp/standby.ctl';

    Starting backup at 08-NOV-12
    using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
    allocated channel: ORA_DISK_1
    channel ORA_DISK_1: sid=156 devtype=DISK
    channel ORA_DISK_1: starting datafile copy
    copying standby control file
    output filename=/tmp/standby.ctl tag=TAG20121108T095401 recid=4 stamp=798803641
    channel ORA_DISK_1: datafile copy complete, elapsed time: 00:00:01
    Finished backup at 08-NOV-12

  5. Online duplicate by 11g RMAN.
  6. In 11g database, the standby controlfile will be generated and copy to the auxiliary (i.e. standby) database while online duplicating database via RMAN. If you are planning to use 11g duplication, then you can skip the step.

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