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How to Change Initiator Name after Cloning

You may know that you should change hostname and change NIC configurations after cloning a VM, but you may not know there could be iscsi initiator conflicts among VMs.

Mostly, virtualization software will take care MAC addresses during cloning, but they may not take care the initiator name. Therefore, we should also change the initiator name.

Generate a New IQN

Assuming that the initiator name of the newly cloned VM is empty, we can get another random generated name for your new name.

[root@test2 ~]# /sbin/iscsi-iname

Modify IQN with the New One

Let's modify the initiator by the new name.

[root@test2 ~]# vi /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi

Please restart the iscsi service.

[root@test2 ~]# service iscsi restart

Now, there won't be initiator conflicts on the storage server.

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