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How to Resolve INS-08101 Unexpected Error

[INS-08101] Unexpected error while executing the action at state: 'supportedOSCheck'


Met INS-08101 when I installed Oracle database 19c on Oracle Linux 8 update 2.

[INS-08101] Unexpected error while executing the action at state: 'supportedOSCheck'

INS-08101 means that there's no CV_ASSUME_DISTID, an environmental variable set by the verification program, which is an unexpected situation. We should set one for it.


To solve this error 'supportedOSCheck', we can set environment variable CV_ASSUME_DISTID, either temporarily or permanently.

1. Temporarily

At runtime, we can export the variable.

[oracle@ora19c dbhome_1]$ export CV_ASSUME_DISTID=OEL8.1

I found that any distribution id is acceptable as long as it's valid.

2. Permanently

Or we can uncomment the line containing the variable in the CVU configuration file. It's around line 20.

[oracle@ora19c dbhome_1]$ vi $ORACLE_HOME/cv/admin/cvu_config

Just remove the leading # (pound sign) from the line like this:


The fallback value can also work.


I recommend the latter solution, the permanent way to solve INS-08101, because you also need the variable to patch the software afterwards.

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12 thoughts on “How to Resolve INS-08101 Unexpected Error”

  1. yes
    -just execute this command $ vi /u01/app/oracle/product/19.3.0/dbhome_1/cv/admin/cvu_config
    -or go through the file explorer and open the file then

    and delete th ‘#’ sign in the ligne

    and save the file

    1. I think any minor releases in OEL 8 are also able to run Oracle 19c. If there’s any stuck, you should check installation log first.

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