How to Resolve ORA-01045: user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied


ORA-01045 means that the user who tried to connect to the database has no privilege to connect to. Therefore, the database refused the user to logon.

SQL> conn hr/hr@orcl
ORA-01045: user hr lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied


Since the error message indicated that the user has no CREATE SESSION privilege, so we can just follow the instruction to grant CREATE SESSION privilege to the user.

SQL> grant create session to hr;

Grant succeeded.

If a bunch of new users need the same privilege, we can grant it to them in one command.

SQL> grant create session to hr,oe,sh;

Grant succeeded.

We connect again.

SQL> conn hr/hr@orcl

At times, users may get ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied when they connect to the database at the first time. DBA should guide them through.

Please note that, the predefined role CONNECT that we used to grant it to a new user contains only CREATE SESSION system privilege since 11g. That is to say, using CONNECT instead of CREATE SESSION also solves ORA-01045, but it has no secret ingredient anymore.

To grant some proper privileges for new accounts, you can check the complete list of 19c system privileges.


In a multitenant environment (12c or later), we should additionally focus on what user we are being granting. Is it a local or common user? If the grantee is a common user, maybe you should consider to grant it with CONTAINER=ALL in order to properly manage commonly and locally granted privileges.

6 thoughts on “How to Resolve ORA-01045: user lacks CREATE SESSION privilege; logon denied”

  1. please specify that this solution is applicable to which database version. I am facing ORA 01045 error on oracle 19c database but this is not working

    1. The error is pretty general across versions. Maybe the grantee is a common user in a multi-tenant environment, if it is, please append CONTAINER=ALL to your granting statement.

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