How to Resolve ORA-04063: view has errors

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ORA-04063 means that the view you want to grant to someone else has compile error, so the database cannot grant it to other users. Let's see an example of ORA-04063:

SQL> conn hr/hr
SQL> grant select on employees_v to sh;
grant select on employees_v to sh
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-04063: view "HR.EMPLOYEES_V" has errors

The short answer to the solution of ORA-04063 is to make the view compile successfully. You can compile the view again like this:

SQL> alter view employees_v compile;

Warning: View altered with compilation errors.

OK, we have errors, but how do we check the error?

We can query the dictionary view ALL_ERRORS to know the underlying error.

SQL> select text from all_errors where owner = 'HR' and type = 'VIEW' and name = 'EMPLOYEES_V';

ORA-02019: connection description for remote database not found


Usually, there're two possible causes of ORA-04063:

  1. The base table may not exist.
  2. We have talked about the topic in How to Resolve ORA-00942: table or view does not exist.

  3. The db link is not accessible.
  4. It could be one of the following causes:

    • The database link does not exist. You have to create it.
    • The connect identifier defined in the database link cannot be found in tnsnames.ora.
    • The database link cannot be looked up. The solution depends on what you saw in the error message.

    Generally speaking, ORA-04063 related to database links are not easy to be solved, because they involve the network condition, remote listeners and remote databases. If you have any TNS error, you may refer to TNSPING Errors Collections. Moreover, I think you might like to know how to create and use database links and their restrictions.

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